Congratulations! You just landed on my page. Make yourself a favour and follow me through this survival process. Enjoy with me the side effects of living in this world. Realise that we are not that different. My story is probably your story, directly or indirectly.

In the quest of finding who I am, my purpose, my motivations, my values and every other aspect of my existence, I record my experiences peu รก peu. This website is a tribute to me and showcases what it’s like, to be human. Chasing destiny uncensored. The highs and the lows of my adulthood. The perks of being a woman, a friend, a partner, a relative, a student, an engineer and basically all what I want to be. But also the challenges that come with being all of that and hunting for more. To strive and to thrive!

This is it! Me in all my states as a student in this country. The chill me, the sweet me, the funky goofy me, the serious me and the adventurous me.


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