3ter Versuch (3rd Attempt)

Have you ever written an exam more than once ? You’re not alone. It’s sad and exhausting. It makes one feel like they’re not good enough, like they weren’t meant to study at all. Because it doesn’t only break you, but it also wastes your time.

The stress of it all!
By: Psychological Society

I wasn’t born a genius, it’s just a fact. And many of you are far from that, but believe your IQ is high. I don’t know who told you lies hahaha. Anyway I am that student who struggles really hard with exams. No matter how much I study I fail most of my exams on the first attempt. You might want to be sorry for me, but I’m not done yet. Not only have I failed many exams once, I have also failed some twice. Thus setting myself up for the third trial, which is either a written or an oral exam. Well, that’s surely worth lamenting, because I study in German. And although I’ve been in Germany for more than 5 years, I still don’t feel 100% confident when I have to express myself in German.

The thing about the third attempt in most universities around Germany, is that you either pass and continue your studies, or you fail and have to be exmatriculated if the module is compulsory . Which implies that you can’t study that same degree at that university anymore and also can’t study for that same degree at another university if the module you failed thrice is part of and compulsory in their program.

You feel like your whole life could be destroyed in few minutes. Having to change universities, probably change degree program, look for a new place to stay, search for a new job, try to rebuild your social life, which by the way was the hardest to do when you arrived. You stop being a student and start receiving letters from the whole country. Your health insurance warning you about changing yor status, death insurance, your workplace, the tax office ready to cut about one-third of your wage and all those other services you had as a student.

You also think about the immigration office nagging you like, “what you gonna do next, huh? Plus you better be quick.”. To be honest I feel like they’re so happy sending you back home. Because you came with a visa to study and you are not registered at any university. And by the time you figure out what to do, you probably would be drained, hopeless and full of crazy ideas. Nevertheless, if you anticipate the fall, you will still fall but it will be less painful haha. Seriously, what I wanted to say is, if you plan things well before going for that third attempt, you might be able to spare yourself much trouble.

This includes studying extremely hard or looking for another university and applying for the same program, exmatriculate yourself and register in the university you found. You could also apply at another university for another program as a back up if you fail. Or find any solution to keep your visa, ANY! Once you feel like you have to do whatever it takes to stay in Germany for example, the things you’re ready to do are not what you’ve ever thought of doing. The same way you’ld have never thought of failing an exam and being exmatriculated.

It seems really disgusting, doesn’t it? Chill, the German system of education allows you to plead for a second and also a third chance to remain elligible to pursue your studies. You literally have to submit an application to beg for the university’s mercy. They could reject it if they think it’s not worth it, because you can’t make it anyway. Or agree because you’ve given them sufficient reasons to believe in you. Yea, I still think it’s disgusting!

I’m not telling you all to expect failing, but to be ready when failure happens. Whatever place you find yourself in life. It might be in your family, in your relationships or at work. You never know where it can collapse and the truth is, anything can fall apart. Even the things you think are endgame. Therefore, you have to be prepared. At least mentally.

To understand better what a third attempt in Germany is, how to go about it and what to do when you fail, read this https://www.studienscheiss.de/drittversuch-nicht-bestanden/. I hope you won’t have to apply these tipps, but just read. You never know.

Is it the same system at your university? Let me know in the comment section.

Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.

C.S. Lewis

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I am just a mechanical engineering student, a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a friend, a woman. "I am every woman".

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  1. The educational system in most countries not to
    Say All is partly responsable of the low degree of self-esteem of our children. Pass an exam does not test your value but your memory.

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