Wanna prevent Travel Theft? Read this!

My trip to Jaisalmer (North India)
With my travel guide and her boyfriend

My credit card was stolen 2 years ago in India. I was there for an internship at the university of Manipal. A really beautiful town with a lot of kind-hearted people. I was in an international dorm where I met students from everwhere around the world. Some of these from China, Nigeria, USA, South Africa, Serbia, Germany and many others. So I had a great time getting to know people, their culture and ways of thinking. I became very close to the South African community there. Very lovely and intelligent people. Unfortunately I started hanging out with one of them and she became my robber.

We did nearly everything together, visiting some places around town and in different towns, trying all the restaurants in Manipal, playing pool with the others and planning trips. I was new and she had been in India for at least 2 years. Therefore she knew many places and hacks. Also she was the only one I trusted. A very sweet person, ready to help everytime. One day I had to withdraw some money from a bank and I asked her to help me. First of all I didn’t know which bank to go to and what the rates were. She gladly took me to a bank where I withdrew a lot of money. I remember she was shook that I would have so much money. Whereas it was just a credit card full of money that did not belong to me.

In order to have the amount I wanted, I was obliged to make multiple withdrawals. Each time 10,000 Rupees (in 2000 Rupees bank notes) with 200 on taxes. This is how she saw my PIN. I was very naive and wasn’t hiding my transactions enough from her. Honestly, I was so stupid to not be cautious. I also unconsciously checked my phone to make sure my PIN was right. I had registered it as a number. Dumb Academy. I know! Then I let her hold the money while I was entering my PIN. When she gave it all to me, 2000 Rupees had disappeared. I counted and recounted but no clue. Whatever had happened, I ignored it. It’s just not me to accuse someone like that.

I was always telling her about how the money in the card was not my money and that I would have to pay it back in Germany. But it didn’t stop her from orchestrating her robbery. I don’t know when she took my card, because we met many times. And the fact that I had cash, I didn’t really care to check on my credit card.

On a peaceful day, she texted me to find out if everything was okay. That’s what she said. She wanted to come over to my room and say hi. My dumbass didn’t think it was weird, so I let her come over. She told a story about her day and other stuffs, then had me look for something to give her. A shampoo bottle I remember. While I was getting her that, she went through my phone. Opened my contacts and checked the recently used ones. Bingo! She had found my PIN.

One week passed and I still had no clue my credit card wasn’t in my wallet. Then I received and E-Mail from the bank, with all my transactions. To my surprise, someone had withdrawn money twice form my card. I checked my wallet, because I thought it was a mistake. Nope, it was nowhere to be found. I turned my room upside down and found nothing. I signaled the bank and I stayed calm. I knew where it was. Suddenly I could see all the fishiness in her manners, love for money and expensive stuffs. She had told me she had issues with her stipend not being transfered on time.

I called her and told her I wasn’t finding it and she said, she was coming over to talk about it, but finally didn’t. I guess she wanted to put the card back in the room somewhere and figured out it was a bad idea. I would have found it and still know without a doubt she had stolen it in the first place. The next day she offered me food at the refectory. I didn’t refuse and we had a small talk during which I saw her new phone. A really nice red one. I even have a picture with it near the India Gate.

Caption this: Me taking a picture with the phone that was bought after stealing my credit card 🙂

I also talked to her bestfriend some other time at the refectory, letting her know somebody had stolen my credit card. Just to see her reaction, because I truely believe birds of the blablabla. You know what I mean! She seemed to be shook and saddened for me though. Anyway I propagated the news and told some who I thought had robbed me. They didn’t seem much surprised. Hahha. However no one actually said they think she could do that. Well I went to the police station to report I was stolen. Can you believe they had someone write down on a paper all I said and later sign it and hand it to me? Such a mess. They said they can’t do anything. The uselessness of it all. I was annoyed but I couldn’t do anything about it. She got away with it.

The story is even longer and crazier, because guess what ? I pretended nothing happened. Because we had planned our trip around India, paid plane and train tickets, booked rooms. And there was no way I was going to let her steal my money and then destroy my experience in India. NAH !!! I let her be my travel guide for all that money she stole.

When I came back to Germany, I got my new card. I was later told that she had a theft history. I was like damn it! You can’t be serious! You let me hang out with her knowing that she was possibly going to rob me? How does that even sound like? Nonetheless, I forgave her last year. Eventhough we hadn’t spoken since I exposed her on instagram. It was a moment of hatred and pettiness that took over me. I even apologised for that. Her friends must have forwarded my posts, because girl was blocked.

So if you have to travel, expecially if you’ll be alone, do not take any advice from me. You will get robbed. I have a pure way of trusting people that gets me into trouble a lot of times. Thanks for reading :).

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I am just a mechanical engineering student, a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a friend, a woman. "I am every woman".

2 thoughts on “Wanna prevent Travel Theft? Read this!

  1. Just after you have left, i heard about all that had hapoened to you. Such things are really uncalled for. Nevertheless from my side it was nice meeting you. What i like is that despite all the troubles you were subjected to, you made sure you make the best of your stay here.

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