My Town under Construction Everyday

I really love this town Karlsruhe, however it’s getting on my nerves. Many people who live here would definitely agree with me. Especially the old folks.


It’s great to have mind-blowing goals, but we are here stressed out because the town basically constructs major roads every year.

Of course they inform us beforehand, but damn we’re never totally prepared.

Yesterday I took the usual tram after work to go home. I was reading this book about a drug addict; Go ask Alice. She’s 15 years old and very disturbed. Mentally disturbed. Her parents won’t let her breathe and keep on comparing her insignificant life with that of her brilliant siblings. They’re younger but have a juicier social life than her.

I understand her pressure, but I find it extreme to start doing drugs because you feel lonely and unattractive and non-interesting.

In the beginning she thinks everything she’s read about drugs is fake, because for a moment in her boring life, she feels like a bird. She forgets about all the problems of her daily life and believes it’s worth it to have 1min of exciting illusions than 24h of painful reality.

I don’t blame her. Hopefully her parents will pay attention to her. She’s hurting and her soul is escaping bit by bit. Anyway I guess she’ll learn how destructive drugs are, but it might be too late.

We were at a station halfway to Germersheim when we heard the driver ask everyone to alight. I was so unbothered, that I just kept reading my book.

30mins down and we were still waiting. Every train that arrived at the station was emptied and redirected to the opposite direction. It was like final destination, literally. There was a sort of accident some stations further and I heard furious people around me calling the KVV(transport company of Karlsruhe) all sorts of names. Still I was reading my book and minding my business.

The girl is now an addict and does all kinds of drugs with her new friends. She even starts pushing drugs at school to help her drug addict boyfriend financially. He’s a med student and doesn’t have time to hustle around like she has. Hence she promises to do everything she can to support him.

Turns out he is cheating on her. Hence there she goes again deep in her depressive life. Attending parties where she ends up completely unconscious. One day she decides to runaway with her friend Chris. Another mentally disturbed teenager who also does drugs. Coincidence? Of course not! Who else can understand her if they’re not broken, sick and hurting? Her plan? To live her life without being judged. To meet people who have no clue who she is. Maybe they’ll find her interesting.

They go to this party and do drugs like everyone. In the midst of losing their mind, she realises they’re being raped and they can’t help it. That’s what opened her eyes about the damages she’s causing to herself. Thus returns home after being away for more than 3 months.How will her parents react? What about school? Is she going to learn? Well, I’ll find out.

The tramway was cleared and I could finally go home. In total, I stood up for more than an hour waiting for a train. And eventhough my time was perfectly used, I was exhausted and wanted to watch money heist.

Should I thank the KVV for that? Surely not!

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I am just a mechanical engineering student, a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a friend, a woman. "I am every woman".

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